It’s Not Worth It

Getting pulled over after you have had a few drinks can have long lasting detrimental effects. Driving under the influence (DUI) is one of the most common criminal offenses in the United States probably because it can happen to just about anybody. All it takes a one bad decision to drive when you could have called a cab, carpooled home with a friend, or waited until the alcohol you consumed was out of your system.

Some of the most common consequences for (DUI) include

  • a temporary driver’s license suspension
  • fees and fines such as high insurance premiums
  • court-mandated community service
  • participation in drunk driving education programs
  • sometimes even jail time.

But did you know that there are consequences that can affect you even after you pay your fines and fulfill your legal obligations?

A DUI conviction can haunt you for years. In some of the worst cases a DUI can lead to

  • involuntary man slaughter if you crash and someone dies
  • driver’s license revocation
  • negative background checks when you apply for jobs
  • criminal status that can affect your eligibility for benefits
  • disqualification from scholarships
  • felony charges that can make it hard to rent an apartment
  • disqualification from employment
  • deportation if you are in the country illegally
  • high auto insurance rates for years

This is just a summary of the consequences that we are aware of thanks to our relationship with the Gwinnett County Police Department. We highly recommend that you seek legal help if you have questions or concerns about the legal consequences of an existing DUI.

In the meantime, we urge you not to take this type of risk and instead call us in advance of any outing where you plan to consume alcohol. Have fun and enjoy yourself knowing that we can drop you off and pick you up when you are ready to go home. If you have used us before, you already know that we can even reserve your favorite driver for you if you give us advance notice of your plans. You can also enjoy group rates when you schedule your cab service with friends and family.