Too Drunk to Drive But Don’t Want to Leave Your Car?

One Taxi Services understands that sometimes you just can’t anticipate when your driving abilities will be impaired.  Maybe you go to a party and have no intentions of drinking but sur friends persuade you and next thing you know, you feel tipsy. Sometimes you may leave home without any plans for fun but some invites you and you just can’t turn them down. Why not have some fun? After all, life is short and we should celebrate as often as we can right!  Spontaneous fun happens every day.

However unanticipated fun can turn into a dangerous situation. The decisions that you make after having a good time with alcohol could change your life. If you drive somewhere and then feel too dizzy or uncoordinated to drive,  it is best to call a taxi and avoid a DUI, arrest or accident. If you are not sure if you are too tipsy to drive ask a friends to evaluate you. There are also a few apps you can use such as Back Track and DUI kNOw.

If you are worried of leaving your car behind in an unsafe place, One Taxi Services offers a special service to help ease your worry. Just let your operator know that you need a cab with a second driver to come pick you up. When your taxi arrives just hand them your keys and the second driver will follow behind your cab to get both you and your car home safe.

Safety is very important and we are proud of taking every possible effort to train our drivers in safety through our partnership with the Gwinnett county police department. If you or someone you know needs extra services like this to ensure safety, just let us know. We understand and don’t judge, we just drive and serve.